Observing the growing need for quality security services and the increasing inability of the orthodox security companies in understanding and provisioning of client oriented quality services and with a name to protect and an enthusiasm for provisioning of quality services, Silver Arrows Security Services (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2004 with its head office at Islamabad, having regional offices at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Hub. The company has been issued NOC from Ministry of Interior (MOI), Government of Pakistan in 2004.

We have the permission from Pakistan Telecom Authority and Ministry of Interior to establish VHF communication. SAS Company is designed and equipped with, to protect the life, property and most valuable assets of our customer with a determined role to forestall unauthorized access, maintain security orders and combat criminal attack against client safety to whom deputed for guard duty. Our goal is to make you safe in today’s world. Integrity, honor and assurance are the true hallmarks of our business conduct. Through our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we are able to provide our services in a manner in which our policies and philosophies are implemented in the best interest of those we serve.